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  • Multi-Lingual support
  • Android & Tablet PC Compatibility
  • Direct compatibility with Tally ERP9 (Coming Soon)
  • Indirect compatibility-Accounting vouchers exportable to Tally ERP9 Showing on Tally under "Education System" (Coming Soon)
  • Accounts, Balance sheet, P & L, individual Student ledgers etc. (Coming Soon)
  • Inventory & Stock reports.
  • Purchase Order & GRN.
  • Pro forma, Challan & Invoicing (Coming Soon)
  • Cashier's Scroll. (Coming Soon)
  • HR & Payroll with individual Staff ledgers and automatic postings.
  • Automatic Bar code generation.
  • Campus & curriculum Management.
  • SMS to students, Teaching and Non Teaching staff.
  • Individual student level fee management and future fee locking.
  • Transport, Hostel, Time Table, Period wise Attendance, Library.
  • Smart card or RFID compatibility.
  • Crystal reports exportable to MSExcel, PDF, MSWord, RPT & RTF formats.
  • Graphical representation of reports.(Coming Soon)
  • Auto Generated QR (Quick Response) Code absolutely free

International Look Dashboard

  • International look Dashboard with iconic navigation up to the roots.

Support Services Management

  • Material Management.
  • Management Information system.
  • Very easy Implementation and handling

Candidate Registration

  • Direct registration by candidates from institute's official website.
  • Short listing & Rejection of candidature by the administrator.
  • Pre admission Follow up and recording of next dates to follow up the candidates for admissions with necessary alerts. A pre-admission Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) System.

Time Table Management

  • 100% fully automatic time table generation
  • Dynamic No. of period generation.
  • Create your own time table with excellent checks on assignment of classes and teachers.
  • Update Time Table

Student Teacher Administration

  • Admission Applications with comprehensive information of Student Applicants. Short listing, Acceptance & Rejection of Applications.
  • I-card Generation- New and Duplicate.
  • Bulk Transfers and Promotions with archive for future reference.
  • Rotation of streams with archive for Medical Colleges.
  • Student Attendance on Period to Period and Class to Class basis. Database designing is very concise to take very big amount of students in a college.
  • Manage staff/student attendance with Bar code, Smart Card, RFID, QR Code, Biometric Finger Print, Finger Vein, Iris, Palm Vein, facial recognition devices.
  • Certificate issues with auto g`enerated QR code and Student activity records.
  • Flexible Fee Management has been designed to give different fee structures to every student with different payment months and modes.
  • Fee locking in advance for entire tenure of study in the school or receive more than the due amount for settlement in the next semesters/years.
  • Students/parents login created automatically with specific rights. Common login interface for everyone.
  • Compatible with Bar code, Smart Card, RFID, QR Code, Biometric Finger Print, Finger Vein, Iris, Palm Vein, Palm Vein, facial recognition devices.
  • GPRS can be integrated on demand. (Chargable)

Transport Management

  • Excellent management of timings of bus stops and bus routes according to the Institutional timings.
  • Allotment of bus to the students and managing their Pick and Drop timings and automatic accounting
  • Allotment of bus to the staff and managing their Pick and Drop timings

Examination Management

  • New Exam. Creation with Dates and timings.
  • Allotment of rooms & invigilators.
  • Result entry for all the students appearing for the exams and printing of their Report Cards.


  • Comprehensive reporting system with wild and specific search engines.
  • Comprehensive Crystal reports exportable to MSExcel, PDF, MSWord, RPT & RTF formats.
  • Graphical representation of reports.

Library Administration

  • Entry of new books with Bar Code facility.
  • Issues and Returns of books with Bar Code reader.
  • Comprehensive search of books through various permutation combinations.
  • Late return fine
  • Library rules and regulations.
  • Library card Generation

Login panel & user rights

  • Create unlimited users with exclusive users' rights.
  • Common login panel for all users with different rights, may it be student, teacher, parents, librarian, administrator or accountant etc.
  • Different rights as decided by the administrator are available to every user for utmost security.
  • Multiple schools can be accessed from the common user interface.

Student Care Management & Examination

  • Excellent Examination Date Sheet building tools & Result Management.
  • Unique Time Table Management.
  • Hostel Management.
  • Transport Management with Bus Stops and timings for the bus to pick up and Drop.

Multiple centers

  • Students can be divided in multiple centers.
  • Center wise filtration of student reports.

Hostel Management

  • Comprehensive Building setup system.
  • Allotment of room type and no. of occupants in each one of them.
  • Allotment of rooms to the students on sharing basis.

Payment Gateway

  • Students/Parents can pay online through Credit/Debit/Cash cards/ Wallet or Internet Banking using IVR system.

SMS & Email with assignment attachment

  • Integrated with UHF card reader for instant messaging to parents on arrival and departure of students.
  • General SMS & Email to students & staff.
  • Auto designed SMS to students with fee overdue.
  • SMS to students & staff with library book over dues.
  • Email to students with attachment of assignments.

Administration Management

  • Payroll Management System.
  • Stores & Inventory Management.
  • Automatic Financial Accounting.
  • Strong Security Administration.
  • Admin controlled rights for different logins. Create any no. of logins each one with different rights


To Prove Ourselves, that we are the best IT Service Provider in India, even in Free Programed.

Till you want to stay in FREE Platform.

  • School Management System Software Online.
  • Dynamic Website in / with Admin Control.
  • Unlimited Website Designing & Management.
  • Whole Year Data Maintenance & Management.
  • Online Admission with e-Payment and OTP.
  • Online Monthly & Installment Fees Payment.
  • SMS Alert for Notice & Announcement.
  • Mobile App for Monthly Fees Payment with OTP.
  • Website Renewal.
  • Dynamic & Digital Notice Board.
  • Website Renewal.
  • Unlimited Web Space.
  • Unlimited Database.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Webmail Account.
  • Unlimited 9.00 to 9.00 Technical Support.
  • Account Management System Software..

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Terms of Service NEWS-ZeeO

  • Only a Govt. Approved Educational Institute can Start Our NEWS-ZeeO Proposal.
  • Must have to submit the Affiliation Certificate/Govt. Approved Documents & the Identity Proof of the School as well as the Current Principal/Owner of the School.
  • Must have to submit a Request letter Extension on Institute Letter Head, address to ‘The Registry, Dept. of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY), New Delhi. (
  • We will not charge any amount from School/College other than the Identity Card Charges (if any) or Yearly IT Service Charges as per “PRICE CLASSIFICATION CHART” ABOVE.
  • We will Charge Only IT Service Charges following the Price Classification Chart only in case of NEWS-Promo/NEWS-Soft & NEWS Trust Scheme & ID Card Charges (if any).
  • Customer must accept the Terms & Conditions before starting the Proposal.
  • You have to pay reprinting charges of Rs.35/- for a PVC Identity card & Rs.85/- for a RFID Identity card, if mistakes not from our side.
  • You must Raise a Ticket from your e-Admin Account or Email us for any kind of Updates / Changes in your Scheme, Payment, Profile, Software, and Programming.
  • To configure online payment in your website, You must produce the necessary documents as per payment gateway Norms & you have to pay One Time Processing Charges of Rs.10,500.00. along with Lifetime Service.
  • Without “Online Admission Software”, You have to Scan all Photo by Scanner and Rename it by App Form No. and must send through email with the Student Data on EXCEL following our Format.
  • You Will get ID Card within 10 Days, If You pay 50% of Identity Card Amount
  • On free NEWS Admission Software the maximum limit to database storage is Unlimited, till the Software is active. Data,Domain, File Restore in other IP will be Charged Extra,depends on time &status.
  • You must Confirm & Approve the Identity Card Design Along with the text/sign on the Card,which will be sent by our staff to your Registered Email ID,otherwise we will not responsible for any kind of Delay.
  • You must need to raise a ticket for any type of Job,Service,Function,Updates,Complain,Requirement & Activities to get 100% satisfaction,without ticket you cannot blame for any kind of disputes.
  • You must have to submit minimum 200 ID Card List/Forms in a lot, and must have to complete the ID card formalities up to 4 Lots.
  • 18% IGSTwillbe Charge on each bill amount,You must clear every bill within 15 days from the bill date,otherwise services will be terminated as well as the 5%pm late fine will be added on the bill.
  • We will deliver the ID Cards within 10-15 days (if provide the Excel Sheet & Image File from the ‘NEWS Admission Software or from Online Server’), 15-25 Days if provide the Paper Application Form.
  • In Case of RFID Card,School Administration must have to Arrange all the Materials like Computers, Cables, CCTV Camera, Entry Gate,Touch Device,Cables,Sensor Deviceets. Or have to Pay extra.
  • In DS First Scheme if Customer choose Bar Coded ID Card and Don’t want to continue RFID Attendance, Customer will charge 35/-instead of 50/-at the time of Admission.
  • All of our Services is based on the billing clearance,the Services may be terminated anytime without information,in case of Payment Pending. Ifani Dispute Arises,all the Jurisdictions in KolkataCourtonly.
  • In case of SSL installation the sub domain will not cover, only the main Domain will Cover and
  • Yearly ID Card Fee for each Student will be charged at the time of Admission. And IT Service Amt must be paid monthly by the 10th of each month in advance, Also in case of Qly, Hly & Yly Payment, the date is same.
  • Designed & Powered by Logo can be remove by paying of INR10000 (ten thousand) only yearly.
  • Online Processing Charges of Rs. 25.00 will be charge on each transaction along with the payment gateway service charges as applicable following RBI Rules & Regulations.
  • All the Product Activation & Service Continuation will automatically be barred with the Proposal Termination. No Claim will be applicable.
  • You must have to Prepay the Amount along with the Excel file + Image File Download from the ‘NEWS Admission Software’/SDA Form Submit,otherwise Rs1500 will be charge extra for Amount Collection.
  • We will not be responsible for any photo damaged,scratched,stapled,trod,signed,fold mark & invisible,we must need the either digital photo,rename by Application form No orCLEANIMAGEifpastedonSDAF.
  • You have to pay the maintenance charges rupees 750 per hour for website designing,rupees 1250 for Database Programming & rupees 3500 for App Programming, if service hours exceeds.

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